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Once a San Silvestre Girl, Always a San Silvestre Girl

One of the outstanding aspects of their education in San Silvestre is the students’ sense of solidarity with their promotion and the firm friendship that lasts after school days are over and grows even stronger as the students go their separate ways.

One of the greatest supports in fostering the spirit of solidarity is the Ex-Alumnae Association, which encourages a close link with the School in all its functions and liaisons with the students, staff and parents.

Its central ethos is to integrate its members in the common aims of friendship and humanistic qualities based on the positive set of values encouraged by the school. It is an integral part of the School, not an extension or a separate body.

The Ex-Alumnae Association supports the school in practical, material ways and in terms of the ethos. After graduation each year’s new ex – alumnae are welcomed into the Ex- Alumnae Association. The Association helps its members in need within educational areas and promotes community awareness in support of social services.

The success of the Ex-Alumnae Association depends on its members and their commitment, but especially on those committee members who selflessly give their time to working for the benefit of the Association and the School. They are a fine example of the school motto:

"I am, I can, I ought, I will"

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Inspiring Girls

The best proof of success of the British educational system, of which San Silvestre is a striking example, is the personal and professional success of ex-pupils. The level of outstanding education provided by San Silvestre is reflected by the many numbers of graduates who have succeeded in a variety of careers and disciplines.

San Silvestre alumnae are our best letter of presentation and guarantee of quality education that the school and staff proudly offer to all our students.

new_Verónica Alvarez
Verónica Alvarez
A professional dancer, singer and actress with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Universidad Del Pacífico.
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new_Mariana Costa
Mariana Costa
Believing in the empowerment of women, Mariana founded Laboratorio, a social enterprise in which women who have been unable to gain access...
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new_Andrea Martens
Andrea Martens
Andrea has been travelling around the world on her own for nearly 3 years. Her journey began in Kenya, from where she travelled to South Africa...
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new_Adriana Arnillas
Adriana Arnillas
Adriana graduated from San Silvestre in 2012. She gained a perfect score in the IB (45 points). She studied Administration at Universidad...
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new_Grace Hemmerde
Grace Hemmerde
Ever since she climbed into a kart with her Dad at age 14, Grace Hemmerde never stopped wanting to drive. She fulfilled her desire to become a...
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new_Alexia Cook, Ariana Ferraro, Thais Maggiolo
Alexia Cook, Ariana Ferraro, Thais Maggiolo
Three former pupils of San Silvestre, first cousins Ariana, Thais and Alexia (2003, 2004 and 2006), two of them administrators and the other an economist, are
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new_Camila Palma
Camila Palma
Camila moved to Mexico City as soon as she graduated from San Silvestre. There she studied Dentistry which she had always wanted to do. After...
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new_Luciana Arispe
Luciana Arispe
Luciana studied Communication for Development at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, training as an actress at the same time. However, it was...
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new_Ariana Santillana
Ariana Santillana
After finishing school in 2007, Ariana studied art at the PUCP and subsequently travelled to Buenos Aires to study jewellery-making in the University of Palermo. In addition...
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new_Fiorella Pennano
Fiorella Pennano
After graduating for the school in 2007, Fiorella travelled to Toronto, Canada where she graduated with honours from the acting...
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new_Lucia Rodrigo
Lucia Rodrigo
Lucia finished school in 2010, after obtaining the top score in the International Baccalaureate examinations (45 points). She entered the PUCP to study law...
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