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A Place of Academic Excellence, Empathy and Integrity

We offer

    We offer:

    • A contemporary teaching methodology and excellent classroom practice.
    • World-class educational programmes.
    • Small class sizes.
    • A team of highly qualified professionals carefully selected from among the best educators in the world.
    • A methodology that is research based and leads our students to develop a life-long passion for learning.
    • Adaptive learning programmes designed to meet the needs of each pupil. 
    • A curriculum and pedagogy shaped and influenced by outstanding international consultants.
    • The most modern educational tendencies that demonstrate the advantages of single-sex education.
We offer 2
    • The infrastructure for pupils to develop their full potential.
    • State-of-the-art technology which is accessible to all students.
    • A climate that develops self-esteem and self-confidence in our pupils.
    • Deep concern for the emotional and social development of our pupils.
    • A strong values programme.
    • The opportunity to be involved in service projects.
    • A philosophy in which parents are partners in education and family integration is encouraged.
    • An environment of collaboration and co-operation in which friendships flourish.
    • A warm, challenging but caring atmosphere in which pupils learn without undue pressure.
We offer 3
    • An educational psychology department comprised of outstanding psychologists specialising in children.
    • An array of extra-curricular activities, extension experiences that form an integral part our educational programme.
    • Educational and sports trips as well as exchanges to different countries over the world. 
    • Outdoor pusuit trips, social learning trips and leadership trips to widen their horizons.
    • The freedom for our students to make individual choices that will help them discover themselves.
    • An English / Spanish bilingual programme which facilitates balanced bilingualism. French is a third language for all students; Mandarin Chinese and Italian are optional courses.
    • Respected and rigorous international programmes including the University of Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and the International Baccalaureate (IB).

    We form happy children who are sure of themselves and well prepared to succeed. The successes of our ex-pupils prove that our programmes and school culture are indeed world-class.