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Why do we have International Examinations?

  • It ensures that the San Silvestre curriculum is up-to-date and its content is of a very high standard. 
  • The pupils develop many transferable and enduring skills including:  field work, practical work, academic writing, research, extended essays, presentations.
  • The courses are largely delivered in English thus they enhance the bilingual identity of the school.
  • The examinations provide our students with internationally recognized and respected certificates which bear testimony to their achievements.
  •  External assessment is an objective, reliable measurement of standards against which our school can gauge our students' performance in an international context. 
  • The examinations can provide ease of access to universities, both in Peru and abroad. Some local universities award credits for these exams.
  • They enable the teaching staff to maintain high levels of professionalism as they attend related training courses.
  • They promote links with other schools and facilitate participation in activities at home  and abroad.