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Joining The San Silvestre Family

Our regular Admission Process for the youngest pupils (Nursery) takes place every August, however San Silvestre School welcomes applications throughout the year for every grade level where there are vacancies. Our staff can guide you regarding the optimal time to apply. We look for parents who love what San Silvestre offers and are inspired by our beliefs. If that’s you, we would love to talk. We look forward to meeting you!

The ages of the girls according to their grades are shown below. 

San Silvestre Grouping

Reception5-6Year 1
Grade 16-7Year 2
Grade 27-8Year 3
Grade 38-9Year 4
Grade 49-10Year 5
Grade 510-11Year 6
Grade 611-12Year 7
Form I12-13Year 8
Form II13-14Year 9
Form III14-15Year 10
Form IV15-16Year 11
Form V16-17Year 12
Form VI17-18Year 13

Admissions Criteria

With the well-being of your daughters uppermost in our minds, San Silvestre has an admission process which is appropriate for the stage of development of each child. This process has been carefully designed to avoid undue pressure on parents and children.

Families of every race, religion and nationality are welcome to submit applications for their daughters' admission to San Silvestre. The school has clear admission criteria for selecting girls, these are consistent with the legal guidelines established by the Ministry of Education. The admissions criteria is outlined below.

San Silvestre School gives priority to:

  • Younger sisters of pupils in the school (not half-sisters)
  • Younger sisters of ex–pupils of the school (not half-sisters)
  • Daughters of staff
  • Daughters of ex-pupils

Additionally, the school has vacancies reserved for foreign families.

The only Nursery applicants entitled to direct entry into the school are younger sisters of a pupil or ex-pupil of the school (not half-sisters). Parents of these applicants must fill in the application form and return it within the specified time frame. All other parents must follow the regular admissions process. Due to the number of applications, being a priority does not entitle students to a direct entry.