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In San Silvestre we believe that learning should take place in a stimulating,
inspiring and caring environment in which pupils have every
opportunity to develop their different skills.


In Early Years we provide an environment that encourages learning and, above all, gives each child the chance to develop a positive self-image, respect for others, confidence in her own skills and the opportunity to take initiative and accept responsibilities.

Our Early Years programmes were designed, based on the premise that every child is an individual with different gifts, talents and learning styles. Our system is based on a personalised programme to suit each child. Teachers closely monitor the children to make sure that their needs are covered.

The Early Years Curriculum is inquiry based, where the acquisition of basic concepts is reinforced through discovery. Our girls have permanent access to a wide range of attractive materials, which they are encouraged to handle independently, thus enhancing their learning process. Every activity is geared towards building each child’s confidence in her own abilities, making her realize the value of effort and giving her the opportunity to make decisions and take on responsibilities. 

We are justifiably proud of the reputation we enjoy within the community. We look forward to working together to help your daughter reach her full potential in a caring and stimulating environment.