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Individual attention to Each of our Girls

Here at San Silvestre we highly value and celebrate the unique contribution each girl makes to our school. We believe in an equitable educational environment in which our diverse student body learn side by side at their own pace, supported by the materials and approaches that help them to make progress towards their goals.

Small class sizes enable teachers to truly know their students and to attend to them as individuals. The Learning Support Department is comprised of a team of educational specialists, teachers and psychologists with many shared years of experience in helping children make valuable progress throughout their school careers. Whatever their entry point, each of our girls undertakes a learning journey, and along that journey, for a multitude of reasons, they sometimes require additional support. The Learning Support Department works closely with teachers, parents and outside professionals such as Educational Psychologists, Doctors and Therapists so that we can fully understand and identify the most effective strategies to support each girl and ensure that she has exactly what she needs academically and emotionally to navigate her learning journey successfully.

All of our staff provide “Support for Learning” – indeed supporting learning is the core of our daily endeavour. Learning Support is very much a team effort and something we are very proud to be developing cohesively across the whole school.

Learning Support consists of additional staff as well as staff training, resources, and guidance about all aspects of learning that are affected by specific language needs, learning disabilities, behaviour, medical conditions, or any other pertinent issues. We celebrate the strengths of every student and provide scaffolding to help them grow and develop in whichever area is required. Together with the teaching teams, we plan to provide comprehensive, individualised learning support for each girl in a learning environment where they can blossom into confident, lifelong learners.


Our girls are all one of a kind, and so is our provision for their needs!