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Promoting Parents Involvement

Effective communication with parents is one of the unique facets of San Silvestre that our parents
deeply appreciate. We take care to attend to all parents’ questions and concerns
promptly and efficiently.

Parents are vital partners in education. They influence their children’s attitudes to learning, and support learning at home. When parents become involved in the life of our school, they make our school a better place to learn, grow and thrive.

  • San Silvestre has an “open door” policy and staff are always ready and willing  to meet with parents.
  • The interest, commitment and active participation of parents in their daughters’ lives and learning is fundamental.
  • Parents are considered partners in education and we encourage them to be involved in many activities and workshops that forge this partnership. 
  • A “pyramid system” of communication is a quick and efficient way for the school to communicate with parents and for parents to communicate with each other. The “pyramid” is comprised of one parent representative from each class and through them important information is filtered to all parents.
  • A series of engaging educational workshops are organised for parents in each section, every year. These workshops inform parents about phase / age-related issues. All parents are welcome and strongly recommended to attend.
  • Via the school App, a weekly Digital Bulletin is written for parents every week. In the Digital Bulletin parents can read about many aspects of school life and about specific events that directly involve their daughters.


How do students and parents benefit from parent interest and involvement in school life?

Research on parent engagement in schools tells us that there is a direct connection between parent engagement and:

  • Improved academic achievement
  • More positive attitudes about school
  • More success with homework / home learning
  • More consistent school attendance
  • A brighter future for students at school and later in life

           We all benefit!

Together, we are building possibilities for your daughters and transforming these possibilities into a reality!


"We have been thinking about San Silvestre so much in the last few weeks. The new school, while surely a good school, does not come even remotely close to meeting the quality of San Silvestre.

Like I have always thought - San Silvestre is the BEST school in the world, and all other schools pale in comparison. Too bad there is no magic recipe that can be shared so that other schools may attempt to emulate San Silvestre!"

- A San Silvestre Parent  -