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  • An All-Girls Education
    An All-Girls Education

    Studies and research reveal the many benefits of gender-specific education, given the huge differences in the way boys and girls learn. There are innate physical differences between the brains of boys and girls that affect cognitive areas, behaviour, maturity, memory, language, emotion, vision, hearing and navigation, all of which are essential for optimal learning.

    In San Silvestre, we are supremely aware of these differences; therefore, we have designed an appropriate curriculum to meet the learning needs of girls, so that each student can develop her full potential.

    Furthermore, an adaptive educational environment reinforces important aspects in the formation of an individual, such as self-esteem and self-confidence, which are the basis of our educational system and fundamental to the success of our students.

  • ESD

    Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) relates to all aspects of education which aim to help students to ‘develop the attitudes, skills and knowledge to make informed decisions for the benefit of themselves and others, now and in the future, and to act upon these decisions.

    San Silvestre School is acutely aware of its responsibility to endorse and practise not only sustainable behaviour but also education for sustainable development. We believe that the practice of sustainable behaviour and education in the philosophy of such development is essential in order to ensure our students are empowered to become good decision makers in ensuring quality of life without damaging the planet for the future.


  • Service Learning
    Service Learning

    From Nursery until the end of their school career, our pupils are encouraged to understand and empathise others and be fully aware of social needs and issues.

    We live in a country marked by great contrasts. We are fortunate in being able to give our students the best opportunities to develop within a stimulating and caring environment, both at home and at school. Sadly, not all students and young people are so fortunate. At San Silvestre, our Community Service projects include supporting the underprivileged but also projects aimed at helping students who are suffering from serious illnesses and other groups in need of support.

    Our fundamental objective is the formation of students who are well-balanced and compassionate individuals.

  • Classrooms without Walls
    Classrooms without Walls

    Linking with other cultures, other students, other realities, other provinces, other countries is essential in the modern world. Boundaries cease to be the limit they once were. In San Silvestre, well aware of this fact, we prepare our students so that they can face the challenges and responsibilities of dealing with the world outside their immediate reality.

    As a result of the broad scope of activities that the school offers including study trips, exchange programmes, international examinations, international championships, community service and conferences, San Silvestre pupils are global citizens.


  • International Examinations
    International Examinations

    San Silvestre offers the University of Cambridge IGCSE programme (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) and the International Baccalaureate programme (IB).

    Some advantages of international examinations:

    It ensures that the San Silvestre curriculum is up-to-date and its content is of a very high standard. 

    The pupils develop many transferable and enduring skills including:  field work, practical work, academic writing, research, extended essays, presentations. The courses are largely delivered in English thus they enhance the bilingual identity of the school.

  • ExPupils

    One of the outstanding aspects of their education in San Silvestre is the students’ sense of solidarity with their promotion and the firm friendship that lasts after school days are over and grows even stronger as the students go their separate ways.

    One of the greatest supports in fostering the spirit of solidarity is the Ex-Alumnae Association, which encourages a close link with the School in all its functions and liaisons with the students, staff and parents.

    Its central ethos is to integrate its members in the common aims of friendship and humanistic qualities based on the positive set of values encouraged by the school. It is an integral part of the School, not an extension or a separate body.


10 Reasons to choose San Silvestre School

  • An All-Girls Education

    Our girls are empowered! Our 21st century teaching methods motivate them to think deeply, to solve problems, to embrace challenges and to communicate effectively.  In San Silvestre girls’ voices are heard and their opinions are valued.

  • Committed to our Community

    San Silvestre students are active participants in a vast array of service learning projects. This reflects the caring and nurturing environment in which they grow. Our girls are involved in more than 40 service learning projects every year.

  • Inspiring Teachers

    Our teachers belong to a team of highly qualified professionals carefully selected from among the best educators in the world. They are committed to providing a holistic education for the students entrusted to our care.

  • Outstanding Results

    We don’t just claim that your daughters will get a world class education, we can prove it. Our international examination results are outstanding and consistently above world averages.

  • Personalized Learning

    Small class sizes mean that each girl receives individual attention. San Silvestre offers personalized attention and special support for students with specific needs.

  • Tried and True History

    For more than eight decades, San Silvestre’s mission remains unchanged: to provide a world class education based on the very best aspects of the British and Peruvian educational systems. Our school has transformed the real-life stories of generations of young women.

  • World-Class Facilities

    Our ever-evolving infrastructure is designed to inspire girls to realise their full potential.

  • Committed to Innovation

    San Silvestre is ever-evolving. Our staff are life-long learners. They are constantly searching for innovative ways to educate and inspire.

  • University Admission

    100% of our students are welcome at the most prestigious universities in Peru and abroad.  

  • Safe and Happy Place

    San Silvestre is a place where girls are encouraged to pursue their dreams, achieve academic excellence, make long lasting friendships and develop a spirit of inquiry; San Silvestre is a place where girls grow and become confident, proactive and responsible members of a global society.

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The most special and loving environment for our girls

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‘We thank you for everything that you have done for our girls .... We have watched them blossom and excel, and we couldn’t have wished for a more special and loving environment for our girls. They take with them fond memories, special friendships and above everything, they will always have the words ´I AM, I CAN, I OUGHT, I WILL, echoing in their ears whenever they are faced with the challenges that life will invariably throw at them.

THANK YOU for this blessing! The special people that make San Silvestre the wonderful school that it is, will be cherished in our hearts FOREVER. We are richer for knowing everyone of you - thank you so much ......"

- Parent of San Silvestre School -