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Enough for Everyone Today, Enough for Everyone in the Future

Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) relates to all aspects of education which aim to help students to ‘develop the attitudes, skills and knowledge to make informed decisions for the benefit of themselves and others, now and in the future, and to act upon these decisions.

San Silvestre School is acutely aware of its responsibility to endorse and practise not only sustainable behaviour but also education for sustainable development. We believe that the practice of sustainable behaviour and education in the philosophy of such development is essential in order to ensure our students are empowered to become good decision makers in ensuring quality of life without damaging the planet for the future.

Through curriculum, campus and community the school aims to promote the philosophy and practices of sustainable development. Through teaching and learning, through the school´s values and ethos and through engaging with all relevant stakeholders including students, teachers, parents and the wider community, the school makes ´a positive effort to demonstrate responsible practices for its young people and communities, and engage them in learning about the issues and potential responses’.


The Eight Doorways

All San Silvestre ESD programmes, policies and actions are focused on sustainable goals related to the Eight Doorways or themes through which schools can build sustainable development into the entire planned learning experiences for pupils. The Eight Doorways are:

  • Food and Drink

    Food and Drink

  • Energy and Water

    Energy and Water

  • Travel and Traffic

    Travel and Traffic

  • Purchasing and Waste

    Purchasing and Waste

  • Buildings and Grounds

    Buildings and Grounds

  • Inclusion and Participation

    Inclusion and Participation

  • Local Well-being

    Local Well-being

  • Global Dimension

    Global Dimension

San Silvestre has an ESD Committee comprised of staff representatives from all sections of the school, administration, the parent body and the ESD school official. An ESD Student Committee has also been created to ensure the student participation is maximised. The group is comprised with one representative from each grade level from Gr 4 to FVI and it works together with the ESD Committee to fulfill the school ESD goals.

  • Outdoor Activities
    • Reclycle, Reduce and Re-use
    • Ponte Pilas Campaign
    • Newspaper Collection
    • Go Green Group
    • Green Travel Day
    • Student ESD Committee
    • Earth Hour Parade
    • ESD Jeans Day
    • Eco-Picnic
    • LAHC Student Conference
    • Moving Planet Day
  • Indoor Activities

    As part as a topic in our curriculum, we teach students about global warming, climate change, renewable resources and all of the exciting technologies utilizing these, about recycling of solid wastes and water, and about green building.

Sun Smart Policy

San Silvestre is a Sun Smart School. We are very proud of this and we are working hard as to protect your daughter from the seriously damaging effects of the sun´s rays. There is unequivocal evidence as to the health risks inherent in consistent exposure to the damaging rays of the sun. We are very conscious of our responsibility to educate our students to become SUNSMART.

Sun smart actions at San Silvestre:

It is compulsory for all students to wear the School cap, which forms part of the official School uniform, as follows:

  • At entry and exit times
  • During all outdoor sporting activities, championships and P.E./ Games lessons.
  • Girls who forget their cap will not be allowed to play outdoors (Primary) or have lunch on the field (Secondary)
  • We recommend that all students bring a small container of sunblock to School.  They should apply sunblock before coming to school and again at 11:00 a.m.

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