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A one-time entry fee is paid at the time of acceptance into San Silvestre. The 2021 entrance fees per grade are shown below:

GradesEntrance Fee
Nursery to Grade 1  US$ 16,500
Grade 2 to Grade 5  US$ 14,000
Grade 6 to Form II  US$ 11,000
Form III to Form VUS$ 8,500

The US$ 16,500 entrance fee for Nursery 2023 will be paid in three parts as follows:

Payment DatesFee
1st payment: November 2021  US$ 7,500
2nd payment: July 2022  US$ 4,500
3rd payment: November 2022  US$ 4,500

Matriculation Fee

GradesMatriculation FeeSchool Fee
Nursery and Pre-School  S/. 3,403.00  S/. 3,403  for 9 months  
   (March - November) 
Other Grades  S/. 3,959.00  S/. 3,959  for 9 months  
   (March  -November) 

Students starting school after the beginning of the month must pay the full school fee for that month. The last school fee will be paid in December.

The monthly fee covers: copybooks, textbooks, study trips, outings, international examinations, all art supplies, among other items. Most extra-curricular activities are also included in the fee. The fees cover the cost of all school materials in Early Years.



The school entrance fee grants fathers, mothers or guardians the right to become an associate of the San Silvestre School Civil Association; this has an optional and voluntary fee of S/. 325 per year. This payment is neither necessary nor essential for receiving the full educational services of the school but it grants parents the right to vote on issues at the Assembly led by the Board of Governors.

There is an optional annual payment of S/.250 per family to the APAFA (The Parents’ Association). This covers the cost of activities funded by the association.

Thank you for your interest in San Silvestre School. Please feel free to contact us should you need any further information.