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Lucia finished school in 2010, after obtaining the top score in the International Baccalaureate examinations (45 points). She entered the PUCP to study law and, halfway through her career, she went to the University of Sciences Po in Paris as an exchange student. She graduated from University in 2017, having achieved first place in her promotion, subsequently obtaining her law degree. This year she was awarded a prize for obtaining the best academic average in the Law Faculty of the last 100 years. She is currently working in the Rodrigo, Elías & Medrano Law Firm.

“San Silvestre gave me invaluable tools, which have helped me to face this demanding and competitive world.
San Silvestre has a very high academic standard that always promotes a critical analysis of information and instils responsibility, honesty, healthy competition and teamwork.  Taught since Early Years, these are the qualities that now help me deal with life’s challenges.

The kindness of the teachers and the support of my friends created the ideal environment for a balanced intellectual and emotional development.

In school I learned to do my very best to achieve my goals, to choose the right way even if it is not always the easiest, to learn from my mistakes and from everything else that the people around me can teach me.”

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Ariana Santillana
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Luciana Arispe
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Andrea Martens
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