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After graduating for the school in 2007, Fiorella travelled to Toronto, Canada where she graduated with honours from the acting conservatory in York University.  Having been in constant activity since 2012, she has gained a special place within the circuit.

Fiorella has starred in films like "Como en El Cine", "Maligno" and "Rosa Mística" – a movie in which she plays the role of Saint Rose of Lima, for which she won the Best Cinema Actress award at the Peruvian Film Festival in Paris and in Argentina’s ARFECINE.

She was nominated for the Platinum Awards for her role in ‘Rosa Mistica’ and twice nominated for the “Premios Luces” as best theatre actress of the year.

“It was in school that I discovered my love for the theatre. Although drama was not considered within the regular school timetable at the time, I had the opportunity to participate in different artistic activities like the School Play and the Talent Show. It was as a result of those experiences that I discovered my passion and found the space to develop as an artist. I will always be grateful for that. ”

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