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Andrea has been travelling around the world on her own for nearly 3 years. Her journey began in Kenya, from where she travelled to South Africa. After 4 months in Africa, she went to New Zealand where she lived in a van and then in a boat with a New Zealand family. She then toured Indonesia and her latest adventure has been in Australia. In order to earn a living while traveling, she has worked in different places as a housekeeper, selling trekking clothes as well as in a clam factory.

 “After graduating from the school in 2004, I studied Industrial Engineering and worked in several multinational companies for 6 years. In my office in Panama one day, I decided to turn my life around and start doing what would really make me happy: travel and look for adventures. I packed my bags and went to Africa. I never thought I would travel for so long but one destination led me to another. Today I feel happier than ever and, through my social networks and my blog Mowgli Travels, I would like to "spread the joy" and let Peruvians know that there are different ways to be happy”.

Throughout my travels, I have had many enriching experiences as well as many difficult moments. Living alone, far away from my country and more so from my family, is not easy. It was during such times that I felt grateful for the education that San Silvestre gave me. I grew up in a healthy competitive environment that gave me the necessary tools to pursue my dreams, fight for them and fulfil them.  My school made me a fighter, taught me not to give up easily and to pick myself up as many times as necessary to achieve my goals. Furthermore, meeting new people all the time, I have not found anyone whose second language English is as good as mine. I owe all that to San Silvestre! As basic as it may sound, this has been fundamental in averting stumbling blocks when looking for work abroad and it also makes me feel more secure when travelling.”

new_Fiorella Pennano
Fiorella Pennano
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new_Alexia Cook, Ariana Ferraro, Thais Maggiolo
Alexia Cook, Ariana Ferraro, Thais Maggiolo
Three former pupils of San Silvestre, first cousins Ariana, Thais and Alexia (2003, 2004 and 2006), two of them administrators and the other an economist, are
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new_Luciana Arispe
Luciana Arispe
Luciana studied Communication for Development at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, training as an actress at the same time. However, it was...
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new_Verónica Alvarez
Verónica Alvarez
A professional dancer, singer and actress with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Universidad Del Pacífico.
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