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Early Years Socio-Emotional Platform

We have developed this online platform in order to be able to share with you information and activities that can be useful.



Primary Learning Academic Platform

As part of our ongoing commitment to provide you and your daughters with the very best provision we can during this difficult time, the Primary Learning Support team have developed this platform which will hopefully give you some insight into how best to help your daughters as they learn under these new conditions. We will be adding more information at times so do please save the link to your bookmarks and check back regularly! 


Primary Socio-Emotional Platform

We would like, with this new platform, to be able to help you by sharing information with you, creating a space that allows you to have moments that generate calm, enjoyment and relaxation in this time of stress, worry or demotivation.

At the same time, this platform will allow us to connect with our emotions and with those of others.


Secondary Socio-Emotional Platform

Through this platform we would like to provide you with advice, information and useful data for the well-being of not only the students but of the entire community.


Giving in the time of COVID-19

San Silvestre Solidarity Fund
San Silvestre Solidarity Fund

    San Silvestre has opened a SOLIDARITY FUND aimed at supporting those parents who are currently having financial difficulties caused by the pandemic. In a display of the solidarity which characterizes our community, we would like to invite parents, teachers, Ex-alumnae or even members beyond the community to make donations into this fund. In particular we would like to invite parents who are in a position to pay the full monthly school fees to pay the 10% discount into this fund with the aim of helping their daughter’s friends remain part of our school community. Any amount will be gratefully received and will go towards avoiding girl’s having to leave our school. 

    Donations should be deposited in the Banco de Crédito into either of the savings accounts shown below: 

    Account in Peruvian Soles: Nro.191-96889690-0-70 / American Dollars: Nro.191-96889706-1-87

    Please could anyone making a donation send a copy of the deposit voucher made to these accounts to the following mail: The corresponding certificate will be issued in accordance with “Resolución de Intendencia Sunat No. 0210050005378” This certificate will be sent by mail within two working days after receiving the donation. Thank you in advance for your support. 

Friends of San Silvestre Solidarity Fund
Friends of San Silvestre Solidarity Fund

    This incredible initiative brings our entire community together - Alumni, APAFA and San Silvestre staff; and in the future we would also like to add our students to this initiative. It is very gratifying to be able to support staff and their families in such difficult times due to this pandemic.

    The Friend of San Silvestre committee is made up of the following people:

    Lorena Calda - President of the APAFA
    Diana Marsano - President of the Alumni Association
    Ruth Percival - Headmistress
    Elizabeth Orams - Head of Secondary
    Julia Martinez - Head of Early Years
    Britt Dierking - Assistant Head (Student Care) in Primary
    Rosario Mendívil - Early Years Teacher
    Giuliana Demarini - Primary Teacher
    Adriana Lassus - Service Learning Coordinator
    Betzabe Oblea - Social Work Assistant
    Paquita Velasco - Head of Human Resources

    Any donation is welcome, no matter the amount. We are sure that our workers will be very happy with the great effort that we will be making as the San Silvestre community.

    Here are the details of the account in Soles and Dollars:

    Account Soles                        002-3322308  
    Cod.Cta.Interbancario            009 202 200023322308 38
    Account Dollars                      002-3322315  
    Cod.Cta.Interbancario            009 202 210023322315 31
    Bank Name:  Scotiabank Perú S A A
    Address: Dionisio Derteano 102 – San Isidro

    PLIN  989021874

    Additionally, we have created the email so that anyone can communicate with the committee for any questions or initiatives you may have.

    We thank you in advance because we are sure that the fund will be very successful. It goes without saying that the aid will be administered in the best possible way and we assure you that it will reach the people who need it most.

    These are very sensitive times but we are learning valuable life lessons from what is happening here and around the world.

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