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  • Ensure that you have filled in the symptomology form for your daughter
  • Ensure your daughter has a laptop (fully charged) and headphones to bring to school each day.

  • Please ensure your daughter brings a water bottle and a snack (optional).

  • Please follow and understand the entry and exit arrangements.

Parent Responsibilities

Student Expectations

Student Expectations

Start of the day

  • Bring spare masks
  • Go directly to form class after entering school.
  • Bring Laptops (fully charged) and headphones everyday (Grade 5 and up)
  • Bring a filled water bottle and a small snack (optional).

During the day (Registration to Period 4)

  • Keep at least 2m distance from others at all times and keep your KN95 or surgical mask on except from when you have permission to remove it to drink water or eat.
  • Do not share learning resources with others and avoid touching or coming into contact with other peoples desks.
  • During the changeover breaks students should stay in the classroom with their teacher until the movement bell.
  • When walking between lessons go directly to your next class and always walk on the Right hand side.
  • Sanitize learning spaces before and after use.
  • Help students who are connecting online from home feel included in the learning.

After Period 4

  • Go directly to the field and line up in your form standing 2m apart.
  • Staff on duty will stay with you until on the field until you have permission to leave. (Secondary students will leave through the Santa Cruz gate).