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Cultural Activities - Primary Section

Some of the teachers who already accompany the students in online activities will be offering sessions  at the school. This will allow the girls to rotate and continue to do the activity online when they are  not in school. We will also be offering some new activities that cannot be done online. 

Some of the new activities will be orienteering, debate, dance, activities in the library, conversation  and discussion sessions, and film club. The meetings of the different committees and some of the  student council sessions may also be done at the school. All of this will be implemented gradually.

We currently have many school activities that are done online after school. These will continue to be  carried out as normal. Many of them have been created at the initiative of the girls themselves and  are very important for their well-being and development. 

From Monday to Friday each week the school offers Cultural Activities and Sports for students. These activities happen between 4pm and 5pm every day. 

Activities list

  • Arts and Crafts
  • Cajon peruano
  • Dance
  • Cultural games